Smellmykitten: I'll Wear Them How You Like Them
$25 USD

I'm willing to wear my panties for you however you want me to. Start off by telling me your favorite color and what kind of panties you like :)

Starting Price: $25 for 24 hours

Additional Services:
+$10 per extra day worn (up to 7 days)
+$15 per extra day worn without showering (up to 3 days)
+$5 to have me workout in them (1 hour)
+$2 per each extra hour at the gym
+$10 to have me masturbate (and cum) in them
+$10 to have me "forget" to wipe (pee only)
* +$5 if "forget" to wipe for each after the first*
Please feel free to ask me about anything you don't see here. I'm open to suggestions ;)

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