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Attention Real Women Only:women are 18,19, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s
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What are real women??
Age: 18 Plus (+) which means Out of High School and working and/or going to a college or university!! If you are 17 and under you should not be here!! So
Real women are born with a ****** and they grow up through their childhood to ****ager to adult womanhood and always love their femininity and have no desire to change what was given to them at birth throughout their entire life!! Only women do I want for buying their smelly pantyhose and socks,stockings, tights, insoles, toejam and footdust from their pedicures!!
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I am a single straight white male of 63 and looking soon to start buying women’s smelly pantyhose and socks smelly and sweaty wet from your pantyhose and socks feet odor!! I love women’s pantyhose and socks feet odor to be a very pungent smelly sweaty wet stinky dirty putrid rank rancid fetid and reeking of your pantyhose and socks feet odor!! I would love to buy your smelly insoles from your footwear and your toe jam and foot dust from your pedicures!!! I love pantyhose and socks to be worn in extended wear from 1 week 24/7 day/night or 2 weeks wear or 3 weeks of wear or 1 month of wear!! have bought between the prices of $150.00 US Dollars to $200.00 US Dollars for the extended wear ****** of time!! Please wear to work workouts and sleep with your pantyhose and socks feet covered in closed footwear!! Wash at a sink your whole body clean except your pantyhose and socks feet!! I have Venmo PayPal Google Pay and CashApp in order to purchase from you!! I love black compression pantyhose and socks with reinforced heels and toes!! I want to start buying when the pandemic is over and I can go back into the work force!!
I am also into extreme tickling!! I am a tickler and ticklee which means I love to be tickled by women and to tickle women!! I love extremely ticklish Blow Job’s, extremely ticklish Hand Job’s, extremely ticklish Feet Job’s and extremely ticklish Vacuum Job’s while smelling women’s smelly pantyhose and socks feet!! I think 16 women can fit around me easily!! The use of vacuum cleaners with straight suction and with powernozzles along with powerful wet/dry vacuums really tickles me!! I live in NYC in the USA!! I am 5’9” tall about 150-160 lbs, hair is salt/pepper!!
I am not looking for anything else, only what is mentioned above!! 18+ only (ADULT)