My Used Panty Store Rules Cheat Sheet

My Used Panty Store (MUPS) has rules in place to ensure that it remains an enjoyable community for all. This page is designed to briefly highlight some of the most asked about rules on MUPS. This page does not cover MUPS full terms of service. The full terms of service that you agree to when registering at MUPS can be viewed by clicking here. Breaking of MUPS rules can result in your MUPS account being terminated.


Standard membership - This is a membership designed as short term trial membership to preview the website before becoming a full member. People with standard/trial memberships can view limited areas of the site. They cannot do much and are not allowed to sell or buy at MUPS.

Full Membership - This membership is obtained by making a deposit into your MUPS account. People with full memberships have complete access and use of all areas and features of the MUPS site and are able to buy and sell through the MUPS sales area.

Linking to outside websites/ Soliciting off-site sales

MUPS is not an advertising method, it is a sales venue whose existence is supported by the commissions paid on sales through the sales area. It is not fair to expect the sellers that pay commissions to keep MUPS online to provide you with free advertising. Using MUPS to solicit off site sales or to advertise for other sales venues is prohibited regardless of membership standing. Sellers or buyers discovered to be using the MUPS site including IM and mail system to sell/buy outside the sales area will have their MUPS accounts terminated.

Standard/preview members are not permitted to post any links or email addresses in their profile or anywhere on MUPS. Standard members are not permitted to solicit sales on or off MUPS.

Full members may link to their blog/personal website only if they have been a full member for at least thirty days, maintain active sales listings in the MUPS sales area, have at least three positive feedback ratings in the sales area, and have a valid, working link to MUPS on the site that is being linked to from MUPS.

Photos, Sexually Explicit photos and videos

No member of MUPS is permitted to post sexually explicit images or videos in public areas of the site. Avatars, open profile photo and video albums, and the first/main photo in sales listings cannot be sexually explicit. MUPS allows you to set the access level of your video and photo albums. You may post more explicit content only in folders that you restrict to friends or specific members.

Please resize all photos so that the largest side is no bigger than 800 pixels, you can try online image resizer here - Photos larger than 800 pixels will be deleted.


Advertising is not permitted in the site blog area. Full members of MUPS may advertise their sales and specials only in restricted areas of MUPS. These areas are: their profile & profile wall

Fighting with site moderators

MUPS has several moderators who volunteer their time to assist members and to remind members when they are breaking MUPS site rules. If a moderator contacts you and asks you to fix something to conform to site rules, you must follow their request. Arguing with a MUPS moderator will result in a seven day suspension of your MUPS access for the first offense. A second offense will result in your account being terminated. If you disagree with the moderator or their actions, you can always open a Ticket to report the problem and to have it reviewed by a site administrator.

Non-paying buyer or non-sending seller

At MUPS, buyers are expected to pay sellers for what they buy, and sellers are expected to send buyers what they pay for. Buyers or sellers who are reported two times as not having paid for items bought or sent items paid for will have their MUPS account terminated. Buyers must pay sellers through one of the methods that the seller indicates that they accept. Telling a seller that you will only pay her through a method that she does not accept is considered refusing to pay the seller.


Paypal does not allow its service to be used for used panties. Therefore, it is not permitted to be advertised as a payment method on MUPS.

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