What is My Used Panty Store?
My Used Panty Store is the premier service for buyers and sellers of worn panty fetish items. Our speed of growth and popularity reflects the fact that our service is the easiest method available to buy and sell on the internet.
How can I access the service and begin using all of the great features?
If you are a legal adult, simply click the "register" link at the top of any page to join and get instant access.
How do I sell items?
You must be a Full member to sell your goods. If you are a Full member, log into the sales area and simply click the top menu link on each sales are page that says "Sell". A self-explanatory, simple to use form will open. Simply fill out the labeled boxes with your item information and save. Your item is now listed for sale.
How can I purchase items?
While logged in just click on a listing of an item for sale. The item listing will open allowing you to read the item description, view its photos, and either ask the seller a question or click the "buy" button to instantly purchase the listed item.
What happens after I click the "buy" button?
The seller of the item is instantly notified that the item has been purchased and will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements for payment and shipping. Both buyer and seller will agree together as to the payment and shipping method that works well for both. My Used Panty Store is not involved in the payment or shipping transaction in any way. Buyer and seller are solely responsible for making sure that the payment and shipping methods are appropriate and legal for the item involved.
How can I let others know of my transaction experience with a seller or buyer?
Members' reviews of transactions are very important! When your transaction is completed please leave a rating and feedback for the seller and transaction.
How do I become a "Featured" member?
Members can become featured in several ways. The simplest method is just to be an active user of the site and participate regularly. Once per week members' activity will be reviewed and members will be added to the featured section if appropriate..
How can I earn cash and prizes?
In addition to through referring new members, My Used Panty Store allows all users opportunities to receive cash and exciting prizes in a number of fun ways. Information regarding current contests and cash or prize award opportunities will be prominently listed on the front page of the site. Check that space often for updates.
What if I have a problem with a transaction or another member?
My Used Panty Store is not involved in transactions between members and therefore can not provide reimbursement for transactions gone wrong. Please make sure you are comfortable with the buyer or seller before attempting a transaction. If you do have a problem with a user or transaction, do let us know by contacting us through the site's contact form. Abuse and fraud is not tolerated here and may result in removal of the problem member from the site but we must be made aware of any problem so that we can investigate.
Is there a "verified" seller program here?
Unlike other selling venues, My Used Panty Store does not believe it is ethical to allow any sub-par sellers or buyers to use our service. Therefore, each member here is expected to be trustable and fair, and to behave in an adult and business-like professional manner. Instead of having a handful of trusted sellers among a crowd of frauds and cheats, we prefer to have every member follow the rules and live up to the high expectations of other members. Therefore there is zero tolerance at My Used Panty Store for problem sellers or buyers. A sub-par member will be immediately banned from the service upon a valid complaint from another member.
What if I have a question not answered here?
We are confident that members will always find this to be the easiest to use service available anywhere. However if you do have a question, just open a ticket at our Helpdesk.

You will receive a friendly, accurate response within 24 hours but usually much faster.
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