ABS_741: Bra and panties used in my first time

30 $

These bra and panties has been used since I'm 16. I had sex for first time with them, I do exercise with them and I love to wear them at home when I masturbate all day because I'm very hot. I hope you can enjoy with them as much as I did. I love to touch my tits when I masturbate so of course, the bra has an special smell too 😏

I have done everything with these panties and bra, but you can ask me what do you want me to do with them 😈😈

I have kept them very well because are my favorite underwear to make mischief 😈

Makes me very hot to think that somebody can enjoy whit my panties 💦🍆💦

Writte me on Kik: Pandora_ABS

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