katybri: I wish these fit me. since they don’t i’m giving them away as long as u pay shipping and handling


This pair is Nike pro but they’re a large and I wear small so that’s kind of a bummer cause these have the highest percentage of spandex that I’ve seen. They’re 20% and I don’t know how to explain it except it’s like they’re a stronger kind of stretch. Since they don’t fit me and every time I see them it makes me wish they were small I’m just gonna give them away to anyone that wants them but you have to write to me and tell me why I should choose I, tell me what you’re gonna do with them. And what you’ll be thinking about as you do it. And maybe if I like your story enough I just might pay for the shipping to. Now I do have to upgrade my account which might take a week or two but that’ll be the deadline, when I get my account upgraded.

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