Sexy4undies: ?Russian girl seduces a tourist?

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You're visiting Moscow like you always wanted to, but it's too crowded and overwhelming, and the subway's confusing! You feel tired and lost, and sit down on a bench to rest, when a beautiful creature sits down just next to you. She starts talking to you and offers her help finding your way, and even showing you some of the places you wanted to visit today! She tells you she knows a shortcut to the Red Square, so you follow her gladly, but she gets hot and asks you to take a tiny detour with her to her place so she can change. When you arrive, you talk some more, the beautiful russian girl offers you a glass of liquer, then she proceeds to tell you that she only brought you here to try and seduce you and unbuttons her blouse... The rest is history. Aren't you glad you came to Russia? ;) This is one of my favorite videos, cause it has such an interesting plot!

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