Sexybroncob: You Pick What You Get 4 Times In A Month

150 $

Swimsuit season is here! One of my fun hobbies is photo shoots in bikinis. But lots of work is involved in being bikini ready. I currently pay a $139 a month for my Orange theory fitness membership... Not to mention the individual yoga classes, Barre classes and cycling classes. If you want to help out with this cost I'll let you choose 1x a week (each week of the month) you can pick what I wear to the gym and you can pick 2 items ( either socks (socks will be worn all 7 days) , panties(1 full day with gym worn the day before they get shipped out) , sports bra (2 days wear), gym shorts (1 day), gym top (1 day). I'll ship once a week, everything will be sent with priority Mail and include tracking. I will also include 5 photos of me in items each week. No extra costs, shipping is included. Photo is from last summer, and im kicking ass to get back there in time to get into my new bikinis. Ive been to gym 24 times this month already!

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