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Really into making a lot of customs this summer for you guys, it's been a lot of fun for me filming lately! Hit me up with all your naughty requests 😈

Hello there, my fine fine ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon! 🌿

My name is Nat, I'm your Russian girl-next-door cutie, 20 y.o, sexy and curvy in all the right places.
I'm bi and as kinky as they come, even being lucky enough to have partners that will do anything to fulfill my wildest fantasies, I'm getting new ones every day and always have something new on my mind🌝 I'm more of a sub, but oh how I love to switch with the right person! And then nothing compares with the feeling of power, right?😌
Bondage, spanking, extreme stuff sometimes - I'm into it all.
For all the newcomers - check out my vids for sexy clips and photo albums for dirty panty pics📸

👙I'm selling my fantastic scent here - a pair of delicious undies I've been wearing for 36h will cost you 25$. Here's all of them laid out in an online panty drawer sorted into categories for your convenience - link: Or just check my shop and find your perfect match! Your wish is my command, loverboy☺️

📹I looove doing custom videos for you guys! Always feel free to message me if you come up with an idea for a video and I will gladly do it for you🎥

😈I also enjoy sexting on kik, where we can have lots of fun, I'll send you hot pics and steamy vids😈
I offer:
PANTIES of all styles, 36h wear with a couple orgasms in them is 25$, additional days are 5$, extras like stuffing, extra masturbation, ******еd in, shark week stains or skid marks are 5$, message me about more, I'm open to anything;)
BRAS, padded and bralettes are 30$ for 1-7 days of wear
STOCKINGS worn for 1-5 days are 15$
SOCKS are 10$ for 1-3 days of wear, extra days are 3$
PANTYHOSE are 15-30$ for up to 10 days of wear! Message me to discuss the color and sheerness;)
I also offer nightgowns, yoga pants, tank tops, tees, shorts, and shoes; if what you wish for is not on this list, just ask me😊

CUSTOM VIDEOS price really depends on what you want me to do. I charge either 3$ or 4$ per minute, depending on your request 🧡
I've a lot of PREMADES, check my ads and my premade video list!
I do PICS, premade sets, and custom, 1$ for iPhone quality, 2$ for HD
KIK CHATS are 1$ per minute, 2$ per minute with photos and 3$ with videos
I also offer SKYPE SESSIONS for 2$ per min, 10 min minimum☺️
GFE is 20$ a day - good morning and good night sexy message from me, at least 5 pics throughout the day, and a 15min steamy chat in the evening😍
I love DOMINATING little sissy slaves here, I offer humiliation and training kik sessions, cam chats, I can send you femme lingerie outfits to wear. I'm into femdom, findom, mommy play😈

Sometimes I get my hands on my roommates or my mom's panties, check my shop for updates🤫

I offer body fluids and other stuff in many forms😏
I have VIALS:
50 ml of: spit 15$, peе 15$, squlrt 25$, shark week 25$, сum 60$
10ml of: spit 10$, pеe 10$, squlrt 15$, shark week 15$, сum 30$
5 ml of: spit 5$, pеe 5$, squlrt 10$, shark week 10$, сum 20$
I also sell shark week products, my soaked tаmpon is 10$, a рad is 7$, stained panties are 25$
РUSSY POPS are 5$🍭
BROWN STUFF is 20$ per container🍫

And if you order for me I always recommend adding a POLAROID to your order for just 5$ extra, because it's really the most intimate thing - no filter, no nothing, and a physical item for you to hold on to and remember me by📸

💸💸💸Since I live in Russia, my only payment options are PayPal, bitcoin and paysend💸💸💸 (ADULT)