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Hiya, thanks for looking at my profile. I believe in honesty so let me explain where I stand.

I've always been a pretty kinky guy but I never had to resort to paying women for various forms of affection or for help getting off but several years ago I very suddenly became disabled and it's been getting worse so that now I can walk with a cane around my place and sometimes small stores like a 711, but anything bigger and I likely need my wheelchair. Most months I'm not able to go out and try to meet women at all and even when I've been able to it doesn't go very well anymore. I try not to speculate as to why or attribute motive but it often feels like theres too much baggage that I clearly come with that it just makes more sense for them to not waste their time, which I completely understand. Honestly I haven't had a girlfriend or had sex in almost 6 years and I was only able to date her because she was my neighbor. So this is the next best thing.

Just to be clear, I know that I'm not entitled to anyones services nor am I entitled to receive special treatment for being disabled. That said I dont wish to waste anyones time so I feel it's only right to tell you that I live on disability so I dont get much money a month. Depending on the price I can usually only afford to get one thing a month and I have a very dulled sense of smell so it's usually videos that I'm looking for although sometimes something else catches my eye.

Also I've had a couple guys and a girl ask if I sell anything on here, one asked about *** (FSK 18) stained boxers, one photos and one videos, it's not something I set out to do but if someone's actually interested I'm cool with doing it. And in case someone's wondering, my disability is in no way contagious and I have no STDs.

Finally I dont really have many friends so if you're friendly and like to talk or even just chat I'd likely enjoy it.

Hobbies - I'm a MASSIVE nerd. I love Star Wars, comic books, animation, anime, gaming, tabletop gaming (RPGs, trading card games, miniatures but I dont really have *** (FSK 18)ple to play with), movies, conventions, cosplay, collecting etc... I'm also an accomplished graphic artist and I've been published as a writer, I'm working on a graphic novel, an animated series and a YouTube channel. Also if you know what my screen name is referencing please message me if you're up to chat! If you dont have premium you can messege me on kik if youd like, my user name is - NecroMaston