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Hello I'm Ric, GENTLEMEN I THINK ITS TIME THAT WE GIVE GIVE ALL OF THESE BEAUTIFUL LADIES AROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND WE SHOULD EACH REACH OUT TO OUR SELLERS AND TELL THEM THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING JOB THEY ARE DOING. I have a panty fetish and I'm a serious buyer. I love all kinds of different style of panties. I'm a easy going, I'm not pushy, and most of the time I know what I'm looking for but, I'm open for suggestions. I'm prompt to pay and most of all ladies. I understand that what you do is not easy, I understand that your time is valuable and that you all have personal lives and if we work together. I will respect your privacy and I have no problem working around your schedule. to all you beautiful ladies from the United States, CANADA(SSB), Italy, Spain, Australia and South America thank you for all that you do. SHOWCASING: ON MY PROFILE IS THE LOVELY AND THE BEAUTIFUL LOVE OF MY LIFE SWEETSCENTBABE. Thank you Rick