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Widely read, considerate sex positive feminist. Looking forward to mutual satisfaction of yearning. Let's please and serve each other well, looking forward to playing with you.

If you share the majestic scent of your womanhood with me, I will be grateful to provide you with a review such as the one below, that I wrote.

From when I first discovered her, I was drawn to SnatchKimchi, from her beautiful skin, to her bold and confident description of her own wear, I knew I had to see what she had to offer. Contact with her has been comfortable and exciting, and she was happy to customize her wear to my liking, we are able to have in-depth discussion regarding her interests and mine, and it is clear that she was happy to fulfill my fantasy. I received her pair within one day after she peeled them off, clearly she takes great pride in delivering them as fresh as possible. I received a sweet handwritten note, describing in detail specifically what I received and what I am yet to receive. She also sent beautiful high resolution photos of her pair cradling her immaculate booty, and it thrills me to no end to rub my nose and tongue over her gusset while seeing exactly what beauty laid down this loveliness I'm so enraptured by. I'm so so satisfied. This 25 year old Korean beauty went beyond my expectations, which were high, because she's incredibly hot. The pair she sent was expertly sealed, and folded gusset inward, neatly, the tension and desire built as I unfolded carefully each fold, and within order, I found chaos, The look of her gusset alone, just visually unwrapping it, excited me, and to be honest, moved me emotionally. I can really tell that she wore these beautifully. She clearly enjoyed coating her gusset with thick and rich layers of her love nectar. The pair she gave me is one of the softest I've ever received, emblazoned with an OG Star Wars design, she very happily related to me that she would be wearing the pair throughout her viewing of episode 7, an honor which she bestowed upon me with generosity She fulfilled my fantasy so beautifully. I'm getting a couple notes that permeate throughout the pair first and foremost, gingerbread, woah, strong and lovely. Second, anise, faint but persistent. This in part could be affected by her holiday diet, and lent a classy Christmassy note to the entire experience. The connection and chemistry, the intimacy and generosity that SnatchKimchi has shared with me is deep and powerful, she's been so so good to me. Zone 1 is crazy good Aroma: blasts of delicate *** and herbal notes reminiscent of chartreuse mingled with her fresh and wonderful skin. Somehow hypnotic and exciting at the same time. It feels as if I'm falling into her, her panties in my hands are all that exist in my world right now, and its like my first time, her heaven on cloth and it's taken control of me. Palate: Rich and potent spicy sweet, where her clit rubbed against is bursting with a vanilla citrus musk, with an undercurrent of cloves and pepper, the lemon flavor turns slightly sour, salty savory, and buttery rich when licked. Zone 2 is a masterpiece. Aroma: what a beautiful little spicebox, a deceptively sugary sweet aroma, cinnamon at the forefront with just the faintest hint of the tang I'd find in the palate. Palate: I've never seen more flavor packed into a gusset, just mindblowing, and so different from the aroma, I am in disbelief, head spinning. From the second my tongue laid upon her gusset, the flavors crackle across my tongue with a vibrancy and intensity I have not experienced before, her juices are so saturated into her gusset, it made my body rock, and as my mouth absolutely filled with her flavors, I knew that I was dealing with one of the best pairs I ever laid my hands on. She is absolutely correct in her description of her flavors, her ***** can undoubtedly cultivate the tangiest tang that ever did tang, and yet she does so without being bitter at all, in fact, the entire experience is almost like a savory fl**** hot toddy, intense and vibrant, wave after wave, wildflower honey musk, buttery vanilla ***, potent lemon explosions, Zone 3 has hints of brilliance but a little faint, Aroma: Hints of her beautiful little butthole, I can get glimpses and it's driving me up the wall. Palate: very piquant, sweaty and lovely, and I can see a lovely staining where her she ground against, licking that area brings fresh sweat, salty sweet and musky. I'm just ecstatic. (ADULT)